Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Catch up - Morndyke and the NIdd

Well i've not been for a couple of weeks, plans, uni work and weather have hindered my appearance for a few weeks but hopefully i'll be on the bank this weekend if all goes well.

I have however managed to get down to the Nidd at Little Ribston again. This trip wasn't so fruitful however, the massive influx of rain 'dampened' my spirits as well as the fishing, I manage to improve my casting technique ten fold on the stick and although I didn't have any signs of fish I was pleased to improve my casting.

The following day was a day out with team inbetweeny at Morndyke. I thankfully drew boss peg 3 and managed to snare 11 carp through the day all on the method with micros and either a 4mm expander or a bunch of dead red maggots as a hook bait. this was also good enough to win our little match and take home a few quid!

As I say, all being well I should be fishing this weekend! Wish me luck!

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