Wednesday, 21 April 2010

18th April - The Oaks Lakes, Cedar

Well, where to start, after the terrible winter we've had, exams and uni work stacking up along with real work and gigging i've not had any spare time to fish and so this would be my first trip since November last year!

After playing a gig in Leeds the night before the 7am start i had planned turned into hear half past but i still arrived at the fishery in time for a good breakfast!

Aftr paying on, paying my subs and throwing a quid in honest Johns pocket (sorry I mean th football card) the draw was near enough underway.

I hung back and managed peg 46, a peg i've fished before and i've also fished 47 and 48 a few times so was hpoing i'd catch a few.

I set up three rigs that were as follows. A mud line rig in 12-18 nches of water tight against the bank, a sedge rig at 2.5ft which would also double as my margin rig were both 12 latex elastic with 0.14 Ultima Power Match mainline, 0.12 hooklengths of the same material with size 18 B911 as my choice of hook. My final rig was for 11m at the base of the far shelf for fishing mea if it was tough, this was set at 5ft deep with a 0.4g BGT shallow long float.

I was surrounded by the Stu's today, Stott to my left on 44 and Whitaker on 48, Bri Gascoigne on 50, Howard on 44 and Tony Koz on 42 completed the 6 man section, so i'd have to work pretty hard today!

Bait wise i had some maggots, a tins worth of 4mm meat, and plenty of pellets.

Before the all in Bob the Baliff checked my fishing licnese, a new intorduction for the Starbeck Club which can't be complained at. My proper license hadnt come through the post but fortunately i had my reciept printed out!

On the whistle i cupped in a small handful of meat at 11m, threw some more down the left margin and then it was time for the pellet on the sedge line.

I shipped over with a 4mm expander and a pinch of micros, from not fishing for so long i wasnt sure how much they'd want so erred on the cautious side.

After the first hour i wasnt doing too bad, i was putting a few fish in the net but they were all around 6oz with the odd bigger one of a pound. Once my left sedge had died i had a quick look at 11m but nothing showed so i re-fed and then tried the right sedges instead. Again i put a few fish in the net, but it was far from frantic. It carried on like this for the rest of the match and it never really seemed to be buzzing anyway. Mart Whitwas catching good Ide on caster and Stu was getting the odd one up in the water but no one was in bagging mode as far as i could see.

I saw Bri catch a few down the edge so after feeding drips of meat all day I had a look and caught probablies 6-7lb of fish in 4 or 5 put ins before it went quiet again. I re-fed whilst fishing acros again. Furtunately i managed a few fish in the last half hour but the biggest being only 12oz. By the end of the match i felt i might just have 30lb but we'd see.

Tony put 38 on the scales and he said nhe only caught in the latter part of the match, Stu had 44lb so that was me well beaten, i managed 34lb 10oz so more than i thought i had but stil off the pace. Mart Whit managed 46lb odd to take the section, made up mostly of good Ide on his caster line, something to remember for the future, though i suppose this is what happens when you dont go fishing for 6 months!

I bumped in Acko on my way back to the Caf and yes you guessed it, i owed him a quid, Acko managed 43lb odd. Now it was fingers crossed that Mr Thackwray had balls it up? not one to break a tradition Gordon weighed in 13lb so i was evens on the quid front for my first week back!

I wont be fishing for a few weeks again whilts i finish off my uni work for yet another year but wil hopefully be back on the bank my mid may!

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