Saturday, 24 October 2009

Woodlands - Partridge October 24th - the Oaks - Maple - 31st October - The Nidd - 8th November

After a fairly poor match catching bits at Brafferton last week, I was looking forward to catching some proper fish at Woodlands this week!

After a breakfast (of sorts) it was onto the draw!

I drew late and managed to snare peg 24. I would have preferred to have been a bit closer to the middle but this was still better than other draws as far as i was concerned. We were also informed there was a bait check that was going to take place at some point.

For company I had Tel on 23, Mr Thackwray on 22 and Howard on 21. My plan today was to fish a small method and build up a swim but also have a corn line at 14m as a back up.

In short it fished pretty pants, you either bagged up or caught a handful, I bet you can guess which I was!

I had 6 fish for 20lb, Gordons 5 fish were all a better stamp and so the quid went his way for the first time in a very long time!

A week later we were on Maple and I informed Mr Thackwray that I was winning in the quid steaks but only by a margin of one so it would either be a draw or i'd take the victory. We also drew next to each other to spice things up further!

I caught a few fish through the match but none of any decent stamp, unlike Mr Thackwray who took another quid off me! Mr Atkinson also took a quid off me again and that was that! The end of our club season!

This Sunday just gone I fancied a change to the norm and decided to get down on the River Nidd at Little Ribston, its only a 5 minute drive so ideal for a few hours fishing. After moving out of my flat back to the old mans the previous weekend I was desperate to get on the bank and I was eagerly anticipating my first trip to a river in over 6 years!

I got there at around 8 o clock and was greeted by a mate of mines dad and one of his mate who were both in search of a few fish too.

I had a walk with my gear and settled on a deep looking spot on the outside of a bend, i ran a 2bb Drennan big stick through a fe times and kept adding the depth but never seemed to be tripping bottom and i was running out of rod to cast it out! I persevered for a while but eventually moved to the otherside of the field along a fast flowing straight that turned out to be about 4ft deep and after a few runs through was rewarded with a small grayling and shortly after his twin brother! The excitement was short lived as i had to pack up but I might just head down there again this weekend now i've picked up some tips about how to fish a stick properly!

After speaking to a very excited Rab ealrier I think I know what i'm going to get Mr Thackwray for Xmas, he's not having much look with pole sections of late so I might get him a lucky rabbits foot!

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