Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Brafferton F1 Lake - 11th October 2009

After my maggot approach the previous week on Poplars which ‘luckily’ resulted in a top 3 placing I was confident that it would work again this time round at Brafferton. I fished on the very odd occasion here before but never on the F1 Lake.

I arrived up at the fishery at 8:30 and went for a sandwich before unloading all my gear onto the barrow. Seeing as I was fannying about getting all my gear ready I missed the draw and was drawn peg 63, on the end of the peninsula so I had plenty of water to go at, as did everyone else in fairness, on an 80 peg lake there was only 17 of us!

With Gordon on his 83rd holiday of the year, Owen not in attendance and Acko down at Whiteacres I was already three quid down before the match had started! ;o)

After finally trudging my gear to my peg I was about ready for a kip! The culmination of the long grass and an overloaded barrow with a flat tyre didn’t make for an enjoyable walk!

Tony Koz was on 61 and I warned him that we weren’t in for a quiet day as Rab was to be joining us on the opposite of the point on 64! I had a quick look at my peg and decided on a line to the island at 13.5m and after a quick plumb up a line at both 4m and 10m at the base of the near and far shelf. There are no real shelves on this lake, its more like a bowl so I plumbed all my rigs to dead depth then added on 2 inches to make sure I was always fishing on the deck.

I set up a deep rig for 4 and 10m on 0.16, to an 0.14 hook length and a size 16 B911. Float choice was a 0.4g BGT Shallow long and elastic was 14 latex. My island rig was a 4x10 Malman Cedar on 0.14 to an 0.12 hook length, 12 latex and a size 18 B611 hook.

At the all in I potted some pellets on both the deep rigs which were both quite deep at about 6ft and then went over with a half a big pot of maggots onto the island. I started off on the island and it took me over half an hour to get my first indication, meanwhile Tony had put 3 or 4 carp into his net fishing at around 11m. My bites increased however and after a few silvers I managed 4 F1’s to take my tally to about 7lb for the first hour. I then went half an hour without a bite so it was time to try the deep lines. I started off at 9.5m before coming onto the short line. I tried both lines for a good 20 minutes but no signals of any fish!

The wind had by now picked up considerably so I went to the car for my tip rod and first chuck out once I got back with a 6mm banded pellet and a pellet full of micros I was into a small F1 from open water but a further 45 minutes and no more fish followed.

I’d decided that I’d rather be catching bits than nothing at all and so went back over to the far side with maggot. I was into small, I mean very small roach but I was bumping a few off due to my 12 elastic so I changed to the lightest I had in my armoury, a latex 10, this was helping a bit but I was still losing a lot of fish. I changed down to a hooklength of 0.10 and a size 22 (is winter here?) and I was putting 9 out of 10 fish into my net. I also put a 2ft lash on as the wind by now was horrendous but at least it kept me getting bites even if I was striking like Zorro to connect! I fished this way for the rest of the match and managed quite a few roach, skimmers and even the odd chublet but nothing to build any weight however I did manage to hook another 4 F1’s, I played them carefully and landed them all bar one, would this cost me?

At the all out Rab was admitting to one carp and 5 gudgeon, but he’s a liar and went to weigh in 17lb odd. I weighed 18lb 10oz and Tony Koz put 19lb 12oz on the scales so that F1 might just have cost me! The weights were all pretty poor although Stu Turner managed 50 odd pounds which was only bettered by Honest John who snared an 8lber just before time to take the match.

We’re back at Woodlands next week on Partridge, it’ll either be a day on the paste or a day on the tip; we’ll have to wait till the day to decide though where i'll probably fish something completely different!

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