Friday, 25 September 2009

The Oaks - Maple 20th September

Well after a disastrous week at Woodlands the week previous which really wasn’t worth the write up! I was taking a couple of my mates down to Weeton, one of my old haunts where I’ve had some good bags of Carp before the lake was trimmed down and it was all about bagging F1’s I’d now been told it was full of Ide too so the lads had a great opportunity to catch some good fish and not have the struggle! Some of the Ide go 2lb in there and because they don’t fight they are relatively easy to land for a beginner! Well I set my mate Pick up on the waggler and he was soon into his first fish, a 3oz perch, at least he’d not blanked! Then I set Joe up on my old pole fishing at 5m with maggot. I told them both to keep the bait going in little and often and they’d soon put some fish in the net. I swapped between them helping them out before fishing myself. By the end of the day Pick had managed just over 3lb of bits, feeding on the waggler just isn’t the same as on the pole and I think this was the downfall. Joe however managed 19lb 10oz and a PB Mirror carp of 4lb 7oz. I myself managed about 20lb of Ide and I only fished for a couple of hours, what a place! I’m thinking this might be a good place to go in winter for some Ide bagging!

On to this weeks club match we were back on Maple again and seeing as I’ve blown out the last two times I’ve fished it a change of tactics was in order as once I stop catching on pellet I never had a plan B, or at least a Plan B that worked!

I got to the fishery at 8:20 and had a leisurely breakfast and a chat with a few of the lads about my previous days fishing. Come the draw and most of the lads were asking why Minty was Nige’s trousers? The sections were announced to be two 5’s and two 6’s as there were 22 in attendance today. Everyone piled around the bag as usual and rather than pushing with everyone else I hung back for a change and by the time I drew I could only feel three pegs still in the bag. In went my left hand and out came peg 58, I was pretty pleased with this as its an area of the lake I never seem to be on and hopefully I’d be in for a good days fishing! When I arrived at my peg, I had Andy Nattrass for company on 56, Owen on 60, Acko on 62 and Nige on 62a. A three way quid was struck between Owen, Acko and I to add bragging rights to the day.

My plan this week was to fish meat at the bottom of the far shelf and on the mud line when this line petered out. I would also start on pellet in normal fashion in front of the sedges. In the past I tend to get half a dozen very early on before having to have a rethink and I didn’t want to miss out on these early fish whilst I was waiting for the meat lines to settle.

I had three rigs set up, a Malman Cedar 4x10 for in front of the sedges 2.5ft of water and the same rig but for the mud line. Both rigs were on 0.14 Ultima Power Match to a 6 inch hooklength of 0.12, again Ultima Power Match. On the sedge (pellet) rig I had a size 18 B911 and a size 16 for the mud (meat) line. Elastics were 12 latex for pellet and 14 latex for the meat. My track rig was the same as the mud line regarding line hooks and elastic but set at 5ft deep with a 0.4g BGT shallow long float. This rig would be fished an inch or two over depth. All my rigs were back shotted with no.8 Stotz, there was no ripple whatsoever but the tow seemed quite strong.

For bait I had two tins of meat cubed into 4mm pieces and also some 6mm pellets of meat I punched out of the left over slices. I also had a handful of 4mm Ringers expanders and some soaked micro pellets.

The all in was shouted at 10:15 and the match was underway. I went out with the cupping kit to 11m and tipped in a good handful of meat. Then it was onto my left hand sedge armed with an expander and a fruit shoot of micros. Instantly I took 3 small carp about 12oz a piece before switching to the right sedge to repeat the process. I caught a further three fish off this sedge although I did foul hook a carp of about 6lb that came up tail first I couldn’t reach it with my net, I pulled some laccy out of the pull bung, applied a bit more pressure and we parted company! Unfortunately my expletives had got the attention of Mr Atkinson and he was far from sympathetic! So I was sitting on 6 fish for about 5lb after the first half an hour. Owen had managed one or two at a slightly better stamp and Nige by all accounts was into bagging mode on boss peg 62a.

Both my sedge lines had died as expected and it was now onto the meat line. I had two kinder pots on so that I was able to feed at 11m with one pot and also feed at 14m on the mud every time I went out. I soon managed to catch a few fish and by the end of the third hour I had managed 14 fish. My initial 6 fish, 6 from 11m and two off the mud. By my reckoning I had 14 fish for 14lb. This wasn’t going to be good enough at this rate but nothing could be done. I fished the next two hours and only managed 2 further fish to take my tally to 16 for 16lb, these came from switching between lines and hoping to pick off the odd fish.

The last hour had arrived and I desperately needed to catch. Nige was easily winning our section and probably the match so the default section was all that was up for the taking as far as I was concerned. I went out to my right sedge armed with pellet again and the fish had arrived, not in great numbers but I did put 9 further fish in my net to take my tally to 25 for approx 25lb by the call of time.

Acko and Owen were interested to know what I’d caught and they both thought I was telling porkies or to quote Acko ‘’you lying little c**t!’’ At max I thought I would have 30lb but 25 fish for 25lb seemed about right in my head.

After watching Stu weigh in 57lb and Paul Jones with 40lb it was confirmed that the battle for the section was on. Jim also put a big 30 on the scales. We were soon round to my peg and my two nets went 38-08, perhaps I had underestimated a little, or by 50%! If only I’d have managed that big fish I lost at the start, that would have seen me sail into 3rd place overall! Owen weighed 29lb so that was one quid safe, Acko then weighed 35lb so both scalps had been captured! Nige weighed around 90lb I think from 3 weighs and won the match comfortably. Tel and Martin had had hard days on 64 and 66 respectively so I’d also won my section! My first pick up since January this year, about bloomin’ time!

We’re at Carp Vale again next week on Cyprio and Match Pool, I’m actually swaying more to fishing on Match Pool having now fished it and learnt a few lessons, I wouldn’t mind a day righting a few wrongs from a few weeks ago! However the fate of the draw bag will probably put me on Cyprio now!

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