Wednesday, 6 May 2009

April 26th - Sessay - Poplars‏

After a disappointing previous week, I’d tried to formulate a master plan which would hopefully overturn my run of bad form. Gordon picked me up, this week Rab had decided to have an early night so not to sleep in again!

We arrived at the fishery in good time and gave us chance to have a bite to eat and get some bait.

My bait for the day would hopefully cover every eventuality. I had a big tin of frenzied hemp, a pint of casters, half a pint of maggots, 4mm expanders and some dampened micros.

I was intending on fishing pellet for carp, and using the hemp and caster for everything! With the maggots to offer as a change bait.

At the draw I managed to pick out peg 38. By my reckoning this wasn’t a bad peg as it’s in a bay and you have quite a bit of water to go at. My section competitors for the day we’re Steve Hoddo on 42, Gordon on 41, Tupper-Ware on 39, someone on 36 and Honest John on 35. It was going to be very difficult to get anything from this match due to class of angler in my section, and Gordon….. Plus I owned the quid from the previous week and was reluctant in giving him it back!

I set up 2 lines for the far bank, one at 13m to my left for fishing pellet and a line at 15m straight out in front with caster and hemp. The fishing seemed to be enjoying themselves in the margin, time and a place please!

At the all in I went straight out to 15m with double caster on the hook and tip in a kinder of hemp and caster, I jiggled the float, lifted it and eventually after 15 minutes had an F1 in the net of about a pound. Straight back out and no more bites so I dumped in a big pot and went onto the pellet line as Gordon was catching and Tupperware was getting plenty of indication.

First drop in, with a pellet, I forced it tight to the cover and sprinkled a pinch of micros over the top, the float dipped then slammed under and after a 5 minute battle managed to put a common of about 4lb in the net, happy days! Next two put ins the same again and another two carp adding a pound and half each to my total.

Then the match for me and many other went a bit stale. I didn’t have a bite fish for the rest of the day, although I was hooking them. At one point I resorted to fishing the method on my pole so I could distance my pole tip from the fish but after a fruitless hour I was getting bored. Gordon was catching fairly regular but predominantly small fish. Tupperware had a good last hour and managed to catch up with Gordon a bit but it would be tight.

I fouled hooked 3 or 4 fish which all screamed off before either snapping me or attaching my rig to the island!

Come the weigh in I tipped back to save embarrassment, Honest John only had one foul hooked carp all day, the bloke to my right had 17lb I think, Tupperware had a low 20 which was good enough to beat Gordon’s even lower 20. the worst part of the day was yet to come, I sheepishly walked past Gordon and dropped a quid in his hand………..

Dennis Geldard won the match off peg 1, i think? With just over 50lb, so well done to him!

After missing the bank holiday weekend due to Uni commitments I’ll be glad to get back out on the bank with a few lessons learnt and a hunger to catch for a change!


paul coyle said...

steve,reading some of your blogs,it appears that you go straight across to the far bank at the start.What may benefit you more is to start say a metre off the far bank where the water will be slightly deeper,the reason being that fish will settle better where there's more depth,and it also gives the fish somewhere to back off too once you start to catch a few.You can then go right over when these lines start to slow down and plunder a few more.Another tip to try is when you do fish right over is to fish at ten-two and ten-past and feed them alternatively,by this i mean feed both lines initially,then fish one, and when you catch a fish and ship out again,feed the line you've just caught from,but fish the other line,when you catch from this line,feed it and switch to the other.This way you'll keep fish coming for longer as they won't settle too well as the water is so shallow.Best of luck.PAUL COYLE.

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