Monday, 13 October 2008

October 12th - The Oaks, Maple

Well back up the A1 to the Oaks this weekend to see if I could capitalize on last weeks tactics and make the maggot work again. I arrived at the fishery at about 8:15, had my breakfast and then got roped in to taking the money whilst Nige went for a fag! The draw was typically late again but this time it saw us drawing at half nine so we would be fishing 10:30-16:30.

My plan this week was to fish maggot again but fish two lines rather than the one I fished last week. The reason for two was that I could feed one sparingly and feed the other a bit more positive. This would then enable me to see what was best on the day. For bait today, all I had was a pint and a half of maggots, nothing else!

We had pegs 24-66 as the first 23 pegs were booked on another match. At the time of the draw my ‘lucky’ left hand delved to the depths of the draw bag and my hand re-emerged attached to peg 24. With this being the first peg in our match it also meant I was weighing in, I don’t mind weighing in as you get to see how everyone has done although you do get a thorough soaking!

Anyway a quick drive around to my peg and I have Paul Jones on peg 25 for company. There was also a bloke on 23 fishing in the other match so unlike everyone else I didn’t have a spare peg. Dennis Geldard, Howard, Tony Koz and Bri Gascoigne made up the rest of my section.

Peg 24 and 23 are on a corner and there is an aerator between them both in the corner which is well worth fishing too but as I was setting up the bloke on 23 was plumbing up all around it so decided to leave him to it, I’m glad I did as at the start of their match he filled it in with cat food and only caught four fish from it!

I set up two lines to sedges in front of me at 14m, one to the left of the gap and one to the right. I plumbed up so that I could use the same rig on both lines without switching kits or altering depths all the time. My plan B this week was to still fish maggot but on the point of the island where I would big pot. My aim this week again was to catch 30lb but what I really wanted was to beat last week’s effort and hopefully claim another section, or better!

My rigs were similar to last weeks, I set up two Malman Cedar floats 4x10, both on 0.12 Powerline, the rig for the sedges had a size 20 Fox Carp Match Barbless on 0.10 Powerline and I had a B610-18 on 0.11 Powerline for the point of the island. Both rigs were 2-3 inches over depth. Once again they were both teamed up with a 10 latex elastic.

The all in was called at 10:30 and I shipped out with a kinder pot of maggots to my right sedge and tipped in 5 or 6 maggots and then moved to my left sedge and tipped the rest pf the cup in. I switched between lines for the first hour trying to tempt a proper fish but was constantly getting bitted out by the resident gudgeon and roach! After an hour I finally got a positive bite and put my first F1 in the net, only about a pound but hopefully this would kick start things. I managed to snare another one on the next put in of a similar size and then an Ide of 8oz soon after. Then came my first proper carp, a mirror which would boost my tally to about 4lb. meanwhile Paul Jones on the next peg was catching fish after fish, be it and Ide, a Chub or an F1.

By the time the 4th hour came around I maybe had 6-7 pound in the net, by switching lines I was picking up the very occasional mug fish and giving the roach population a good battering. I decided it was time, ‘’Sh*t or Bust time!’’ I potted in around 150ml of maggot on the point of the island and decided to stick it out here for the rest of the match. After a 20-30 minute wait I got my first fish of many leaving me an hour and a half to catch up! I got into a run of fish be it a small carp, F1 or Ide. Then I had a much welcome boost, my pimple of float, dipped, only slightly, but my eagerness saw me lift into what felt like a good fish, after a long tussle I managed to get the fish to the surface, arse first! This was a good fish, especially for Maple. I only had my small pan net today as usually the fish tend to get lost in my bigger nets! I managed to finally net the fish by kneeling on my footplate at full stretch with the landing net, the fish was that much bigger than my net that I actually didn’t net it but balance it onto of the frame and slid it across the surface until I got it to my feet and it eventually sunk into the net, double in half! It was a much welcomed boost at around 7lb and had completely worn me out! Next time I’ll perhaps set up a big landing net too, just in case ;)

The all in was called ‘fish on’, everyone looked over as I swung in a 2 oz roach! I quickly packed up before having to weigh in. Dennis and Paul witnessed my weigh, 27lb 4oz, not far off my target so I was pretty pleased, and for the minute I was winning the match! Paul Jones then left me ruing my poor start by weighing in just over 40lb, next was Dennis who put 27lb 10oz on the scales. I could have been annoyed but to come within 6oz of Dennis was pretty good as he’s a very good angler. Howard didn’t bother weighing in and next up was Tony Koz who managed 42lb 12oz odd to take the section, Bri Gascoigne on 31 managed 25lb odd so overall I’d done ok. There were a few 40’s and plenty more 20-30lbs so the fishing is slowly picking up again! Honest John did it again from peg 66 with nearly 50lb and put some more money towards his new front teeth fund! ;)

Stu and Tony Koz split third prize as they both had 42lb 12oz which meant they won less than if they’d have won there section!

Well with a week off before our final club match I’m jumping in at the deep end by the fishing the Open on Cedar next Saturday! Let’s hope I snare a few!

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